Палатка за дърво от три лица (3)

€ 499,00

Stingray от 1-во поколение беше първата ни, изключително популярна шатра от 3 лица за дървета. Перфектен за семейства и приятели.

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  • Stingray 1.0 Fixed Top

    The Stingray Generation 1.0 was the first 3 person Tree Tent in the world and the design that took the camping world by storm, back in 2013. Made with 2.5 ton components, a central hatch, a fixed rainfly roof and Tentsile's anti-roll strap system, the Stingray revolutionised the way people looked at camping in the wild.

    For a limited number of units only, we are offering the chance to own one of the very first Stingrays ever produced. These collector's items come with a free spare rainfly that can easily be fixed over the top of the tent to provide all-weather protection and a double thermal buffer to keep the interior nice and toasty.


    - Due to continuous design updates, product may vary slightly from the product images shown above 

    - No more than 3 month continuous use, as all product should be taken down and inspected for safety reasons

    - Do not leave unattended as falling debris can damage the tent

    - Only use in accordance with Tentsile's Instruction Manual и Условия за ползване